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I was born Kristopher L Richards aka Crazy K in Dothan,Al. I started off in the streets early getting in trouble with the law stealing bicycles, staying out pass a child’s curfew, not attending school and vandalizing others property. I was then placed on supervised probation for a year, getting off probation at eleven years old.

Then I, my mother and sister moved to Clio Alabama to begin a fresh start. My sister and I attended Clio Elementary. On my first day of school my teacher asked me where I was from and I replied Alabama I mean duh what part? I can’t lie with me not having the right guidance growing up I seriously took school and teachers for a joke. All I did was draw and write rhymes during class therefore, at the age of eleven is when I clearly realized I was blessed with a gift to create music.

What influenced me to pursue music is when I felt I had a story to tell. Music was a great way to get people attention to listen. So from there on our music was a great way to keep myself occupied and out of trouble, I thought. Shortly at the age of twelve I developed the habit of selling drugs with the ambition of being a hustler period. I remember like yesterday when I used to wash cars, better yet gambled in class while in session to make a buck. On break time I would give my elementary girlfriend a hand full of quarters I won, only on certain occasion.

I was 6th grade in the back of the class with my partners Reggie and Willie (R.I.P Homie). I remember when I bent a stapler around the tip of the writing end of a pencil firing the stapler off hitting the teacher in the mouth nearly knocking out his false teeth. To put all jokes aside I stayed with a pocket full of money even if it was from my mother or on my own. In 2000, I moved to Lillington NC at the age of twelve to focus more on school as well to better myself as a person. This is when I realized school was more important than anything because I was so far behind that I had to play catch up in order to be on my grade level with other students. I participated in sports which I damn near loved more than music, which was football. Football allowed me to release my frustration and anger out on the field as well-kept me out of the streets.

Crazy K Made A Professional Football Lead Try-Outs

At the age of fourteen I had my first live performance in front of 40 plus people. I was so nervous I had butterflies in my stomach. At the age of fifteen is when my music started to seek attention, my song the “Truth” was featured in Fayetteville NC Up & Coming local newspaper for its lyrical content. I kept working hard towards my dream dropping my first mixtape at the age of sixteen titled “Southern Tape 1”. At the age of seventeen in 2004 I formed my own label 1Famm Entertainment and continued to pursue creating music. I then dropped mixtapes” Southern Tape 2”, The Get Away”, Southern Tape 3”, & Trap House Closed”. In 2005, I entered and won my first rap competition winning $200, the judge was Rico Barrino better known as Fantasia’s brother. At the age of eighteen I released another mixtape titled “Southern Tape 4” with singles Tippy Toe & Look a Here.

The record Tippy Toe was played on Fayetteville NC radio station Foxy 99.1 fm winning the battle of the beat. December 2005, I entered my second rap competition and lost; the judge was rap artist Rich Boy. After my performance an A&R rep from Sony Records came up to me and brought my mixtape “Southern Tape 4” for 7 bucks. Also, an audience member came up as a forming fan begging for a copy of my tape as well. In February Rich Boy came out with his second single which was Boy Look a Here catching my attention being that I performed my single look a here in front of him (he was a judge that competition). So I went to confront him about it on MySpace in 2006 about him taking my concept, the next day he blocked me. I took the situation further contacting a lawyer. The first thing he asked me out of consideration “Are you guys related” I replied, “I don’t care about that shit he took my concept”. The lawyer looked into the matter, but with me only having post copyrights that was my lost. In the summer of 2006 I released mixtape “Hood President” while, the single Riding Candy off the mixtape took waves playing on Fayetteville radio station Soul 104.5 fm. I knew riding candy was a hit because rap artist Bun B commented on my MySpace page, Keep It Trill. I mean this record was so catchy that when I performed it I could miss a word and the crowd would catch it.

Shortly reality started to kick in, the music industry clearly wasn’t about talent anymore, it transformed into the matter of an artist having a budget. Throughout my music career I developed marketing, promotional, performance, & network communication skills. 2007 I created my own mixtape hosting company titled Hood Famous Radio with drops from Dj Smallz, Clover Gees, and Keith Murray. March 2007 at the age of twenty my music career and buzz was silent. My music then took a turn for the worst, but it became a learning experience. I went to jail for possession and attempt to sell crack cocaine with a bond set at $150,000. I sat there until my court date which was four days after my birthday April 8th. I was released under one year of probation, 150 hours of community service, and complete drugs classes. If I was unsuccessful I would be serving a four-year sentence if I violated probation, all I can say God is good. After released I started a campaign called C.W.A Crazy With Attitude “Easy Of The South” then I released the mixtape “C.W.A Crazy With Attitude” hosted by my company Hood Famous Radio. I had to work a third shift job at the same time I had to do community service after work. I started my community service a month and a half prior to completion date, can you say God is good!

I completed 150 hours in a month and a half time frame while working a third shift job. After getting off probation everything went downhill, my car broke down causing me to move back to Alabama, which was mandatory. I must say it was hard to get back on my feet, but like they say if it’s a will it’s a way. I moved to Clayton Al and a club called strokers was throwing a rap competition and I won the package of 500 cds pressed up (of my single Dat Dat Dere) starting up another buzz for myself in 2009. I performed my single at Race tracks, Clubs, and festivals and giving away cds to help increase my fan base. Then I dropped another mixtape titled “King Shit” which sold well in the streets. 2010 I released another single titled Wonda On Em which played on Montgomery Al radio station Hot 105.7 fm. I then threw a single release Wonda On Em Black Shades Party packing Eufaula Al Club Q Ball successfully. 2011 I released “The Plug” mixtape and also threw a release party in Eufaula Al at Club Jazzy Bones with Montgomery well known artist King South. 2012 I moved back to Lillington NC and I released a new single titled Act Like You Know, which was supposed to be a big release, but I was given the run around like throughout my music career. I networked with an overseas producer looking for something different. He produced my whole mixtape titled “Get A Load Of This” which was released in 2013 online. The mixtape didn’t go as well as I knew it would due to the quality with that being said it only made me work harder. Shortly after I released “Get A Load Of This” I release Smash Hit Single “Drop That Ass Load”.

The single “Drop That Ass Load” caught Debra CEO of Mizay Entertainment better known as Wacka Flocka’s mother attention. She responded back to me saying she loved the record, but never pursued to work with me as an artist. “Drop That Ass Load” was played in gentlemen clubs in Texas, Alabama, & North Carolina and also played on radio stations again Foxy 99.1 fm a Hot 105.7 fm. Last but not less, I released another mixtape online titled “Champ Of The South” which is one of the best mixtape I ever recorded. I opened up for Lil Booise April 22nd 2016 in Dothan Al, also I recorded a song with Platinum recording artist Pastor Troy 2016 Hit Single Called Pull Up Remix. 2017-2019 I have released Mixtapes Alabama Lottery 2-5 & BamaLife Album which is on all online store platforms. Also, I dropped another song with Pastor Troy called No Cap Remix 2020 it’s all about 1Famm Music Empire….

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