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“Sadly Misleading Generational Curses”

God created the world as one for all under one nation only one God.
This Generation so corrupted they’re going around screaming it’s a Young nigga world XING out their elders sometimes even parents. In so many words saying their way or no way.

That would be like the blind leading the blind
Imagine seeing fatherless/motherless young men/women without the proper guidance in life trying to run the world… First off God wouldn’t allow it. But by the time its said and done the world would be upside down. God seeing how we as human are forced into odd positions to live the American dream financially.

Money has thrown our people mind so left to materialistic things, God himself don’t even care about. The same things these Young niggas will take, and kill they’re our kind for having no respect not even for themselves rather than others.
Just as Young ladies now day using their looks, and sexual abilities to win and control things in their favor.

With that much power allow is dangerous accordingly to how its used. And we all see what social media as done to friendships, relationships, and marriages seeking fame, and money rather than building in private being grateful everybody wants to be a show-off liked and loved for the wrong things due to they never had anything to reason their still don’t have nothing without loyalty, trust, and liberty.

These Young niggas are so lost and demonized for riches and bitches. To the point they will rob, steal, and kill their own kind for fame, money, and bitches. And the reason I say bitches because most women know and understand their powers and uses them to help distract black males away from their full potential for their selfish unknowned purposes. God see all and black people have been against one another for all the wrong reasons. Due to mental, physical, and health abuse by people who suppose to help and protect the people that plays God to create Jealousy, envy, hate, and ungratefulness among human.

Hoping one day we kill one another off by poison our youth with all this nonsense rich and fame lifestyle to sell one another out for money.
Forcing the new world order on to the youth using game apps, TikTok, and the music industry to control the minds of the young.