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“Forcing Emotions Upon Love”

Everybody seems to need nor search for real love. Lets start with self-love and happiness the treatment needed to even considering loving someone else. As people we go through so much trying to be loved in all the wrong places and reasons.

Everyone has a background childhood either you were loved equally nor unfairly due to the way parents were treated by their parents. The ongoing of being abused Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically mislead people to love. As people should first find out the curse of their roots in order to fix what’s expected of them for the worst.
One’s have been taught to hate mentally raised of what they have been showed to believe. While others took upon themselves to study and know good and eve acting toward right and wrong.

Love sometimes can be very mistaking for lust nor a personal need of another from a thing lacking of the pass. Which takes away the quality of a person who knows better, all to try to love someone that seems to never get it together. Continuously of this type of behavior leads to misunderstanding, confusion, depression, followed with a broken heart in due time.

Knowing your worth can sometime save you from the downgrading energy forced upon you by a broken lost soul. Valuing your worth is another thing, this person has been dragged through the mud finally shaped themselves to live by self-love, to disregard the disappointment of false prophets of mistaken love. “Oh you don’t love me because you don’t seem to love yourself”.

God given each and every human common sense before anything, therefore stupidity comes from Mentally, Emotionally, Untrustworthy, & Physically destroyed individuals.

No one is perfect but knowing something wrong and you still chose to stick around “Oh I have a good heart” don’t make it right to keep fooling yourself. Enforcing Love Leads To Stupidity, the mission is to love not be a fool for it.
Moral to the story try loving yourself first before you get involved with someone else feelings.